Hospitality Management Careers: 7 Hospitality Jobs for Luxury Lovers

July 05, 2020 •

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Hospitality Management Careers: 7 Hospitality Jobs for Luxury Lovers

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Luxury clients look for professionals with excellent service skills. They want to know that the professionals they do business with understand the importance of creating an outstanding customer experience, going the extra mile to anticipate their needs and create an experience unlike any other. Those interested in finding an exciting career path in the field will find that luxury hospitality offers a plethora of job opportunities that can get them started in the field of their choice.

These luxury clients want only the best professionals to staff their desired locations. That is why hospitality graduates with training in the field made such an outstanding choice. With superior training and education, these graduates are ready to take on hospitality jobs serving the most selective of clients. Here are just a few of the areas that those interested in pursuing luxury hospitality employment can begin their job search.

1. Lifestyle specialist

A lifestyle specialist will have the experience, knowledge, and connections to make it easy for those interested in luxury to have the experiences they want. These professionals boast expertise in organizing trips and excursions around the world, connections to get clients into the most exclusive events, and the experience to anticipate the needs of clients throughout their lifestyle selections.

Specialists in this field quickly become the go-to resource when it comes to building luxurious lifestyle opportunities. Handling services ranging from dining experiences to health and wellness to travel, these professionals have the expertise needed to manage it all.

Lifestyle specialists have outstanding organizational skills and know how they can build connections with different industries so that they can deliver the optimal experience for their clients. Their communication skills are exceptional, and they know how to make their clients feel completely confident in the services they provide.

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2. Luxury Airfield Hospitality Agent

For many luxury clients, whether traveling by private charter plane or through VIP services on other carriers, the common commercial airport is the place to avoid. With their desire to travel in luxury, these clients want to make sure that they do not deal with the chaos and stress of the standard airport.

Fortunately, there are private and VIP airports that can offer these travelers a luxurious experience even before their planes take off. Working as a hospitality agent at one of these airports will give you opportunities to craft pre-flight experiences that others will dream about.

Organizing perks such as chef-prepared food, spa services on-site, and private suites for waiting travelers, you will help make this trip one of comfort and class.

These hospitality agents have outstanding organizational skills and memories. They will learn and remember the itineraries of their guests before and after they leave the airport so that they can anticipate their needs and offer an exceptional experience. Professionals in this field have excellent communication skills, which will help them work with their clients and coordinate the different experiences they will want throughout their time at the airport. Those who have note-worthy time management skills, know how to problem-solve, and want to provide an outstanding customer experience will thrive in this position.

3. Luxury Yacht Purser

A luxury yacht purser helps to ensure that the entire luxury sailing-vessel runs smoothly. This professional quickly becomes the go-to person onboard the ship. They oversee the finances of the yacht, the purchasing for the interior-- including the provisions needed for the luxurious experience the passengers expect, help to organize and orchestrate any guest excursions and activities during the trip, and keep everyone pleased and comfortable throughout the voyage.

Those interested in sailing to exotic destinations and working as a luxury yacht purser will need to come prepared with an excellent understanding of food, wine, and how to make the trip extraordinary. They will also need excellent communication skills as they work to organize the various guest activities and represent the yacht throughout the journey. These professionals will need to establish relationships with vendors and contractors to ensure that their passengers have the experience they expect. Experience with budgeting and financial management will also play an important role in a successful career.

4. VIP Event Management

VIP Event Managers will help their luxury clients manage every detail of their upcoming events, bringing their vision to life. The event manager will oversee the various planning teams, bringing together the different important parts of the event, including venue, catering, speakers or entertainment, and event promotion. They will often travel to the site of the event to provide additional support and management, ensuring that their client’s experience exceeds their expectations.

The professionals in this field have unbeatable organizational and communication skills. They know how to balance the various moving parts of event organization so that everything can come together for an outstanding experience. They will not panic if something doesn't go according to plan, but instead will have excellent problem-solving skills and experience that will allow them to find solutions that will keep customers happy.

Their training in finances, budgeting, sales, and customer satisfaction will help them excel in this field.

5. Brand Management

Brands that work in luxury hospitality know that to attract customers, they want to focus on creating client experiences that people will not soon forget. Luxury hospitality companies need to nurture that deep, lasting connection with their clients. They need to build the appearance of this brand through a variety of online and in-person channels including social media and digital marketing, and making sure this aligns well with the interactions that customers have with the organization in person.

Those who succeed in this field will be professionals who understand the importance of digital communication and cultivating an online reputation. They will have the communication skills and finesse needed to build a strong digital brand. These professionals will understand how to stay on top of new and emerging markets that can help them further build their brand and create a memorable experience for their clients. Their commitment to excellence will permeate everything they do.

6. International Luxury Buyer

Working in international luxury retail presents a wealth of opportunities for those who have a passion and understanding of the highest quality and the latest fashion. As an international luxury brand buyer, you will have the chance to seek out the latest fashions that fit the needs of your clientele. You may work with a variety of different businesses within the luxury sector, including boutiques and high-end sellers around the world.

As an international luxury buyer, you will naturally incorporate a number of skills learned in the hospitality industry. This includes putting the needs and experiences of the client first. You will want to help the brand you represent create an atmosphere of exclusivity and an unbeatable experience. Skills in budgeting, ability to understand and anticipate trends, and knowing how to align client expectations with fashions will help you excel.

7. Luxury Travel Designer

A luxury travel designer works to hand-design travel experiences for their clients that they will appreciate. They take the trip design well beyond simply booking hotels and flights. Instead, they will personally discuss the upcoming excursion with clients to learn more about their desires for a particular experience and then planning a trip that specifically suits their unique needs.

These professionals know how to get doors open for their unique clientele. An art lover may get exclusive access to breathtaking museums or meet with well-known names in the industry. A wine lover will receive private tours at the most exclusive wineries in the world and have the chance to sample some of the best wine available.

Travel designers take everything a step further, connecting their clients with local guides and professionals, gaining them access to exclusive experiences, and putting together trips that surpass expectations.

Those who excel in this field will be those who understand how to build connections with guides and industry experts across the world. Their communication skills allow them to network and nurture relationships that pave the way for them to excel at their jobs. Meanwhile, their organization skills make it easy to keep track of the details of the different trips they plan, ensuring that the experience of each client goes smoothly and exceptionally well. Their hospitality education has taught them how to put the needs and experience of their clients first, and thus they are able to create dream-worthy trips for their clients.

If you have the personality that will help you excel in the luxury hospitality industry, a world of excitement awaits you. With jobs that can take you to exotic destinations and the chance to challenge yourself and grow every day, you will find that this industry opens countless doors for your professional life. Consider which of these job areas might fit you best and how an education in hospitality can help you achieve your dreams.

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