Hospitality Management Careers: 7 Jobs for Business Management Fans

August 10, 2020 •

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Hospitality Management Careers: 7 Jobs for Business Management Fans

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With a degree in hospitality management, you can open the doors to career opportunities in a number of fields. Check out some of the positions a degree can help you obtain.

A degree in hospitality management can give you the opportunity for a career in a number of fields as it will provide you with the skills you need to work with the public, as well as be successful at supervising people underneath you. The role of a hospitality manager is to attend to the day-to-day administrative tasks of hospitality-related companies, such as hotels, resorts, and casinos. It is the hospitality manager's job to ensure that the customers are getting all that they need, that the business is functioning as it should, and that the staff stays on track to perform their duties so that the vision of the company is realized and conveyed. Another responsibility of a hospitality manager is to keep costs down while still providing the quality service that guests and customers are looking for.

While there is a wide range of employment options you can choose from when you obtain a hospitality management degree, some of the most common positions that this type of degree is utilized for include:

1. Event Planner

An event planner will assist in conceptualizing, organizing, planning, and executing events. This can be for weddings, birthday parties, conventions, and fundraisers. This type of job will require creative skills, as the planner will be responsible for decorations, food, furnishings, lighting, music, etc. It will also require the ability to budget and manage money, to ensure that everything for the event can be obtained for the agreed-upon price. Finally, it will involve vendor coordination and customer service skills. All of these skills, as well as the ability to manage the event from conception to completion, will be something you can obtain through a hospitality management degree.

2. Accommodation Manager

Accommodation managers are tasked with the efficient running of various establishments to ensure that the needs of guests and tenants are met. Tasks can include ensuring that proper maintenance and cleanliness guidelines are upheld, budgets are properly managed, and the staff is trained to properly handle the needs and requests of customers, guests, or residents. You will also act as the liaison between various departments as well as with vendors providing services to the company. These types of positions can be found at residence halls, care homes, hotels, conference centers, and housing associations.

3. Marketing, Sales, and Media

All businesses require marketing to improve their brand awareness and stand out in a competitive market. It is a company's marketing that will help them to gain market share and ultimately improve the process of any business. Jobs in marketing, sales, and media can entail a number of tasks from developing content, and sales media, to managing press releases and product launches. This type of job will require the ability to work well with staff, customers, and vendors, a natural sales ability, an understanding of different markets, and knowledge of different marketing media. Many of these skills can be learned in the courses needed to secure your hospitality management degree.

4. Accounting and Financial Positions

Part of management training involves keeping an accurate record of money that is coming into a business and money that is leaving. This usually involves the use of spreadsheets to record all the transactions and the ability to create financial reports. This training will be valuable when seeking positions in the financial and accounting sector, whether they are for companies in the hospitality industry or not. Most financial and accounting positions will not only require the accurate recording of all financial transactions, but also the reconciliation of accounts, and the ability to detect, investigate, correct and report any discrepancies within accounts. They will also be responsible for handling payroll functions and dealing with both debtors and creditors.

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5. Catering Managers

Catering managers are the ones responsible for the development and organization of food and beverage services within and organization or business. This involves food selection, maintaining hygiene standards, staying on budget, meeting the customers' expectations, and managing the food and beverage staff. The day-to-day activities of a catering manager will largely depend on the size of the organization that they are working for. If an organization is smaller, the manager is likely to be more hands-on. For larger companies, they may be in charge of managing supervisors and shift leaders who will perform the hands-on functions. You can find catering management positions in a number of businesses including, hotels, universities, schools, healthcare facilities, cruise ships, and resorts.

6. Human Resources Officer

A human resources officer is integral to developing, advising, and implementing policies that help to guide staff or an organization. In this role, you will need to make sure that a company has the appropriate staff that has the right level of skill and experience to provide the service that customers need. To obtain this goal, you will be involved in the hiring process as well as coming up with the development and training opportunities so that they can adhere to company policies and drive them towards the company's business goals. This goal also requires you to work as a liaison between departments, managers, and staff. Human resources officer positions can be found in a number of industries as well as various sizes of companies.

7. Tour Management

The ideal position for those who enjoy working in the travel industry is tour managers. The goal of a tour manager is to help develop and ensure that the travel arrangements of customers go as smoothly as possible so that they can enjoy their holiday experience and get out of it what they expected. To excel as a tour manager, you will not only need the skills that come with a hospitality management course and strong customer service skills, but also will need to have an in-depth knowledge of a specific area and region as well as the attractions and amenities that each provides.

If you are seeking a job as a tour manager overseas, then you will need to be familiar with the history, language, and culture of the area so that you can provide them with the proper information and guide them through their trip. This job includes responsibilities such as managing itineraries, communicating with accommodations, arranging travel, and ensuring that travelers have all the proper documentation.

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