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How EHL students choose a restaurant for a date?

Léo Kleinpeter
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EHL is a school where students learn how to behave in pretty much every situations, and where savoir-être is a daily preoccupation.

So when it comes to dating someone, EHL-ers usually know quite well how to handle it with verve.

Find out how they pick THE right restaurant for a successful date out!

There obviously are a few rules to follow to impress your date and not to frighten him or her as soon as you meet up. Picking the perfect restaurant is definitely the main challenge you’ll face beforehand, but it is at the end so rewarding and reassuring to dine in a cozy atmosphere, where both of you are comfortable.

Four words need to stay in your mind while choosing a place: casual, classy, unique and eventful. What does that mean? Have a look and take some advice from current students…

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You don’t need to go to a 3 Michelin stars restaurant to have a good time

Just as much as what you wear or what topic you approach during the evening, the restaurant you dine in sets up the whole context of your date. The location, the landscape, the general ambience: everything has to be taken into consideration when picking the right place. In fact, this is plenty a part of what you will remember later from this night out, so try to give a concrete meaning to where you go.

Should you choose a romantic and elegant place, (which is highly recommended by EHL students), don’t forget to check out the atmosphere ahead. What a terrible diner being out of your comfort zone just in front of your dream partner… A chic restaurant, obviously, but still a bit casual.

“From the cuisine to the theme of the restaurant and the service… You don’t need to go to a 3 Michelin stars restaurant to have a good time” Son-Trang

Don’t forget to prioritize the comfort of your date!

However, a touch of originality is still required to reveal your personality and show how much you care about the person you’re dating. The number of small specific restaurants and chic bistros is growing in city-centers. So prefer an original live kitchen restaurant or one with a stunning view. Lasting memories ahead and a possible distraction that may save you, just in case you have no idea of what to talk about (which usually never happens while going out with an EHL student…) 

An EHL-er also cares a lot, and even more, about little details, such as the food and wine range or the quality of the service. If you don’t really know the appetite or the dietary requirements of the person you’re going out with, it’s probably safer to pick a restaurant with a wide menu and an important wine cellar. The size of the restaurant is a key element to take into consideration either, as it directly influences its atmosphere, its occupation and therefore, the noise. Don’t forget to prioritize the comfort of your date!

“Not too loud so that you can have a nice conversation, but also not too quiet where your neighbors can listen to you” Silvia

Keep any inconvenience away with an irreproachable and professional service as well. No one needs this additional amount of stress. Now the floor is yours!

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