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EHL Open day: Why should you attend?

Léo Kleinpeter
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Twice a year, the École hôtelière de Lausanne opens its doors to prospects students, parents and whoever is interested in the school. This huge event is an incredible opportunity for the EHL to show off its talented chefs, students and staff as well as its impressive facilities.

But a day like this is first aimed to you, so you can get to know the campus life, the programs and the amazing chances you have with an EHL diploma in the pocket. If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to come visiting us, here are some more, coming along with feedbacks from the last edition visitors.

Reassure yourself

Going to university is obviously a stressful once-in-a-lifetime experience, both for new students and for their parents. But going to a university that you’ve already visited is way less intimidating: the more you get to know the place and the more peaceful you will be on D-day. A campus tour is organized for you so you can discover the dormitories, the classrooms, etc… Don’t miss it!

Visiting the EHL for the first time is an experience you will always remember about. After walking through the main entrance, one of our student ambassadors will greet you and introduce himself. EHL values being omnipresent, every ambassadors will do so with an honest smile and will share their passion for the school with pleasure and sincerity. First positive point: students at the EHL are both nice and humble.

Additionally, over the fact that the open day will reassure you about the school and the student life both on and off campus, it is a great opportunity for parents to be more aware of the way the programs are organized and the way they work. A day like this is often crucial for parents, as they are sometimes even more anxious than their child.

“An open day is as decisive for me as it is for my son, considering the fact that I don’t know the hospitality world and its career opportunities”

So use this precious day to learn everything you need to know before applying: talk to students, alumni and get to know their vision of the school.

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Feel the school DNA

Studying at the EHL is a life-changing experience, and therefore, jumping into this thrilling world for a day is an opportunity you can’t miss out! The very first element you will consider when arriving on site is how huge the campus is. Dormitories, sport facilities, classrooms, food court… Students are pampered and it’s easy to notice it. The modern and beautiful infrastructures will blow you away and the new campus coming soon will excite you even more.

Also, get ready to be impressed by the way the students dress. The mythic EHL dress code doesn’t leave indifferent.

“What impressed me the most today is the dress code, everyone looks professional and really nice”

And it doesn’t stop here: the memories made when visiting the school aren’t only visuals. Attending the open day allows you to discover and to enjoy the delicious food prepared by the preparatory year students. From a simple lunch at the food court to a gastronomic experience at the Berceau des Sens, attention to details is truly considered to impress you. Also, you will get the chance to watch a few students doing live cooking, such as flambées and so on. Unforgettable and absolutely exquisite!

Be unbeatable about the school

An open day is built up so you can both visit the school and attend passionate conferences, about the programs, the alumni career paths or the social life. More than 75% of the interviewed prospects students found more than useful the proposed conferences. In fact, getting to know in depth the exact class program will reassure you and get you ready for applying. Moreover, the alumni testimonies are no less interesting, as they help you to visualize and project yourself in the future. Career opportunities and life experiences: it is worth listening to some of our fascinating alumni stories!

“I found the testimony captivating: from the first day at school to this day, his career path is honestly very impressive “

At the end of the day, 100% of the interviewees wished even more to join the school and left us with a positive and admirable thought. We are now very much looking forward to seeing you on the next open day!


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