The 5 types of EHL friends you need in your life

December 19, 2018 •

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The 5 types of EHL friends you need in your life

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With the large variety of people that you meet at EHL, it isn’t hard to come across new friends. However, the distinct and unique people we meet during the rollercoaster ride called university often speaks to different aspects of ourselves (think: the party animal in you vs. the studious bookworm in you) and friendships at EHL (and life in general) are hardly a one-size-fits-all affair.

So here are the 5 types of friends you will most likely make and ultimately, be unable to live without during your time at EHL:

1. The life coach

This is the friend that you sent 15 screenshots of messages to decode - What does she/he mean? Is it a good sign? This friend not only helps you type out the perfect text to that guy you’ve been admiring by M bar but also takes your call any time you want to complain about those tight deadlines, lazy teammates, job-hunting, or all of the above. A great listener and an even better advice-giver, this friend helps you cruise through life with minimum bumps that maybe you might need to pay her for all those personal therapy sessions.

2. The study buddy

Should there be a book on how to survive EHL, this friend would be listed in the list of absolute essentials.

“Save me a seat in class!”, “Gotta bounce, pass on the notes after class?”, “Did you do the readings? Me neither.” are just a few of the many sentences that are exchanged between you and your study buddy. This friend is your go-to for all things related to school. Teaching each other concepts that you didn’t understand? Check. Late night study sessions running on junk food and coffee? Check. Finding comfort in the fact that there is another human being on campus that doesn’t feel prepared for exams week? Double check. This friend is not only a source of motivation but also a source of comfort and even just a better way to increase your chances of pushing through the strenuous demands of a prestigious education.

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3. The fun (crazy) friend

The friend who fuels all your reckless nights at Buzz and helps you brave through the endless number of drinks you consumed before treading over to hip hop night. This is the friend that breathes EHL’s unofficial motto of “work hard, play harder”. Some call this the “crazy” friend, as this friend can be seen out in Lausanne at 2AM in the morning and often missing from those 8AM courses. But this friend is the one that is always down to do absolutely anything and provides consistent entertainment whenever you desire. Stressed about life? School? This friend is always here to help you dance your worries away, meet amazing new people, and live through some of your most memorable moments at EHL with amazing positive energy.

4. The one who's not like you at all

With EHL’s diverse atmosphere with students from all around the world, this friend is not hard to find but essential to have. This friend can be from a different culture or country but can also be a friend who just has completely opposite interests as you. Either way, their existence helps you see the world in a completely different perspective, providing that extra spice to your life now and again. This friend will not only keep you curious, open, and in a constant state of learning, but will also open so many doors for you in the sense that you will be able to experience things that you would never have imagined experiencing before.

5. Your favorite person

This one pretty much speaks for itself. This is the friend you call first when your grades pop up on EHLISA or when you almost run into the guy you were avoiding for weeks (two things that are nothing alike, but regardless you call for both). A true gem and blessing to your world, this is the friend who won’t judge you even if you haven’t showered in 5 days cramming for exams. This friend is there for the majority of your worst times (yes, he/she has seen your ugly cry) and almost all of your best times. Whether you are looking for this person or not, this person exists amongst the 2,000+ people at EHL and let’s be honest, this is the person you cannot do without and the reason you need all the other types of friends: Just to take some pressure off him/her!


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