EHL food outlets: The “most international” school canteen

November 26, 2018 •

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EHL food outlets: The “most international” school canteen

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James Beard once said, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience”. 

If there is something that allows people to reach a consensus regardless of nationality or culture, it must be related to food. When you are bored with the monotonous meals school dining halls always offer, you might want to visit EHL and try out the various food outlets we have here. From Michelin-standard fine dining, to high-quality fast food, everybody can find dishes that please their palates.


1. Berceau des Sens

Le Berceau des Sens (BDS), French translated as “The Cradle of Senses”, is the most famous Michelin-recommended restaurant, located right on EHL campus. It is open to both to internals (students and staff), and the public (external visitors).

Everything here is done by year 1 students – from food preparation in the kitchen, to front stage services. And for that reason, the restaurant opens only during weekdays. Because of the exquisite taste and impressive presentation, BDS is highly popular among students, faculty and visitors – you need to book at least one month in advance for a table.

Here, the most freshly produced ingredients collide with the most professional souls. From fresh foie gras to precious black truffles, from deep sea lobsters to wild guinea fowl, from fragrant Swiss chocolates to soft and creamy soufflé... Berceau des Sens strives to provide its guests from all around the world with an unforgettable “sensory feast”.


2. Food Court

Food Court is the main dining outlet of EHL. Whether you are craving for a snack before class, sharing a pizza while working or simply having breakfast, lunch or dinner, Food Court offers all the possibilities you may think of.

There are seven cuisines available every day: World Cuisine, Asian, Grill, Mediterranean, Salad Bar, Desserts, and other cold plates including sandwiches, not to mention a variety of delicious side dishes. People who are into a healthy lifestyle may choose a selection of low-calorie “snacks” sold at the Wellness Bar.

Due to the variety of choices, you can always see people lining up at certain food stand. When it comes to the busiest days, chefs and students can serve up to 1,000 diners every day at lunch time.


3. The Green Corner

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, do you often find it difficult to find food that best suits your needs?

In EHL's newest concept dining outlet – The Green Corner, you have the chance to taste the most delicious and healthy vegetarian dish creations! Whether it's sweet peppers with sweet potatoes or green salad with a special “cheese”, even non-vegetarians can't help but stop for the weekly menu.

The Green Corner also invites visiting guest chefs from around the world in order to constantly bring new concepts featuring international flavors. For the past few weeks, the Cambodian menu has caused a “big fever” among students, and is always in short supply during lunch hours.


4. Finger Food

Just want a classic burger with some freshly fried chips after a long day of group projects?

Finger Food offers a variety of high-quality fast food, and with its consistency in food quality and efficiency in service, it is gaining more popularity, even over famous fast food chains in town.

To create exciting offerings for its diners (fast food other than burgers and chicken nuggets), the Finger Food kitchen came up with the idea of “weekly special”, featuring fast food from different countries: Kebab, burrito, Peking duck, and kimchi wrap, etc. Are you tempted yet?

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5. Le Bistro

Le Bistro is the most “tasteful” dining outlet at EHL, with a much smaller scale than Le Berceau Des Sens.

Here you get to taste the most  classic goat milk cheese, roasted lamb, with some aromatic wine and delightful desserts.

In addition to the freshest ingredients, the creative and artsy plating from chefs and students often makes the experience even better. At the end of the meal, finish the satisfying and enjoyable lunch with a cup of coffee.


6. Grab and Go

Rushed to the next meeting in 5 minutes? Don't know what to eat for lunch? Got no time to sit down and eat properly? EHL Grab and Go is the perfect choice for you in all cases.

There are freshly made sushi, sandwiches, snacks, desserts, ice coffee/tea, yoghurt, milk, fruits, and juices prepared daily for you, who are in a rush.

Whether it is the rare fine dining dishes or the fast food offerings that are seen everywhere, in EHL, every dish is prepared carefully with heart and mind from chefs and students. After getting to know about these food outlets, if you are invited to visit EHL, which one do you want to try the most?

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