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Discover Kanton Graubünden: Pradaschier toboggan run

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In brief:

  • Where is the Pradaschier toboggan run?

The longest toboggan run in Switzerland is located in Churwalden, between Chur and Lenzerheide. Only 15 minutes drive from the international EHL Campus Passugg.

  • How do I get there?

From Chur, take the post bus in the direction of Lenzerheide and get off at the stop "Churwalden, Bergbahnen". If you want to come by car, you can park right next to the bus stop in the large car park of the mountain railway station. To the right of the station is the stop "Erlebnisberg Pradaschier", from where you can take a chairlift to Alp Pradaschier.

  • How long will the trip to the toboggan run take?

Much depends on how often you want to toboggan. You can spend 2 hours or even half a day in Pradaschier. From December to April and then from May to October, you can enjoy spectacular views and a delicious meal or a warm drink at the Restaurant Portal at the Churwalden Bergbahn station. 

Roller coaster in the mountains

Would you like to ride a roller coaster and enjoy an impressive alpine panorama at the same time? The toboggan run in Pradaschier is a mix of  Europa Park and the mountains of Kanton Graubünden all in one. In the ski area of Churwalden/Lenzerheide, about 15 minutes away from Chur, you can toboggan in both summer and winter when the weather is good. Enjoy the run in pairs or alone, you are sure to feel the adrenaline.

2020 11_Pradaschier2-3

Images: Arosa Lenzerheide and Chur Tourismus

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3 kilometres and 31 curves: the longest toboggan run in Switzerland

The toboggan run in Pradaschier is the longest in Switzerland. For three kilometres you will speed down the mountain on your toboggan. You decide how fast you want to go on the 3,000-metre-long track: if you choose not to brake, you can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h. During the 5 to 8-minute ride and on the chairlift you can also marvel at the mountain panorama of Lenzerheide. It’s dream combination: feel the adrenalin and enjoy the wonderful view!

2020 11_Pradaschier1

Image: Pradaschier

Still can't quite imagine the combination of a toboggan run and an alpine panorama?

Then watch this video for a taste of the adventure that awaits you in Pradaschier... Have fun!


Sources: Pradaschier, Arosa Lenzerheide and Chur Tourismus

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