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Culinary Arts: Chickpea falafel with winter roots

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Vegan food was the fastest growing culinary trend of 2018  as the world is embracing compassionate eating - for animals, human health, and the environment.

Our chefs have put together some delicious vegan recipes that we will reveal throughout the coming months. Enjoy them!

The recipe

10 people 66 kcal per person


180 g chickpeas
20 ml olive oil
200 g beetroot
200 g carrots
5 g espelette pepper
four-spice seasoning

100 g cashew nuts
100 ml soy milk
10 ml pumpkin seed oil



1. Allow the chickpeas to soak in water overnight.

2. Strain and blend in a food processor with the olive oil until you have a smooth texture, divide the mixture in two.

3. Peel the beetroot, cut into small pieces and blend with half of the chickpeas to produce a red paste.

4. Season with the espelette pepper, salt and the four-spice.

5. Do the same with the carrots. Form small discs of approx. 20g/piece and freeze.

6. Meanwhile, blend the cashew nuts with the soy milk and pumpkin seed oil to obtain a smooth paste. Season and put in a piping bag.

7. Deep-fry the falafel in sunflower oil at 160°C for ± 3 minutes until golden brown. Place some of the nut cream on top and garnish with herbs.

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Our Chefs

Anne Currat

Half Swiss, half Italian, Anne was trained by some of the best pastry chefs in Switzerland. Anne has traveled the world to share her passion and further her expertise in the art of pastry. Before joining EHL she has worked as head pastry chef in a renowned restaurant in Milan, and owned her own pastry shop in Switzerland.

Ehrhard Busch

Ehrhard Busch grew up in the family restaurant and has been passionate about cooking from a young age. After his studies and some years in catering, he decided to go perfect his French in Paris, where he joined Régis Douysset’s squad in ‘L’escarbille’. He then left for London to toin the famous “Atelier” of Joël Robuchon. His travels and his experiences have made him evolve in his vision of the profession, leading him to become a vegetarian. He has been living and working in Switzerland for the past six years and today he shares this vision at EHL and has created the Green Corner, a concept restaurant that offers a daily seasonal and vegan menu.

Written by
Ehrhard Busch
Written by
Ehrhard Busch

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