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Checklist: How to conduct great customer interviews?

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Ana McFee

Business Development Senior Manager at EHL

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Why is it important to understand your audience? Companies that understand what their customers want and expect can work on designing the customer experience for increased loyalty and repeat business. The more often your customer engages with you, the more chances you'll have to create a positive experience and a strong relationship. Listen to your customers' feedback and offer sound advice, even if you have to refer them to another source on occasion.


    Customer Interview Guide

    Before you begin, it is important to provide some background information and outline the purpose of the conversion, as well as acknowledge and address any privacy concerns that people may have.

    1. Select people with different roles and views target based on your persona. Select both existing and potential customers. Mix loyal, new and former customers if feasible.

    2. Do the interview face-toface if possible.

    3. Make interviews at least 30-45 minutes, but not much longer.

    4. Design your interview questions in advance and use simple language.

    5. Create a good environment: comfortable and relaxed.

    6. Start the conversation with a little small talk, it will help everyone feel more comfortable.

    7. Do less than 50% of the talking.

    8. Understand the interviewee state of mind by looking for a "Quote of the day" with each interview.

    9. Validate the customer problem you are trying to solve, not the product or service you are trying to sell.

    10. Focus on understanding your customer. Use different forums to discuss your ideas and solutions.

    11. Do not ask hypothetical questions and do not make guesses.

    12. Keep the questions as open as possible.

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