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Student Testimonial - Jan Weiss, Bachelor EHL Passugg

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Why did you decide to join the direct entry bachelor’s degree?

The reasons that led to my decision were varied. For the sake of simplicity, I would like to share the three main reasons. After graduating from EHL Passugg (SSTH), I felt that I was well prepared as a generalist for the hotel industry, but I wanted to learn more about the subject and learn more about "why" processes and procedures are as they are. Due to the internationality at the school, I promised to learn new approaches and thus receive additional tools that can later make a significant contribution to my decision-making. Another reason was more flexibility in the professional world. Although I have a huge passion for the hotel industry, I wanted to keep my doors open by completing EHL. By attending the German course at the EHL Passugg and my English knowledge up to that point was only average, I also wanted to improve myself in this area. Excellent English skills are an absolute “must” today to remain competitive. Jan Weiss Bachelor EHL Passugg



What degree did you complete before joining EHL?

I graduated at EHL Passugg (former SSTH) as dipl. Hotelier/Restaurateur HF (German Division)

How was the transition from your previous studies to the Bachelor?

The transition to the course was very exciting. I had the pressure to pass the IELTS exam and had to learn hard for it. Fortunately, I got support from many nice teachers like Mr. Schönenberger from EHL Passugg. We were the first Bachelor course and many decisions and processes were still provisional and not final. All those responsible have put a lot of effort into ensuring that changes do not adversely affect us.

Looking at where you stand today, how do you think EHL has made a difference in your life?

I think that a degree from EHL gives you a little idea of how international business relationships and processes can work. In addition, I understand much better how people from other cultures work, solve problems and believe that I have learned to work with these people more efficiently than when I started my studies.

At this point I can also mention that you can definitely benefit from the EHL's reputation, especially when it comes to looking for a suitable position. The combination of HF diploma and Bachelor degree gives applicants more arguments in contract negotiations.

Complete your Bachelor at EHL. EHL offers direct entry / transfer into year 2 of its Bachelor in  International Hospitality Management.

Tell us something that you learned at EHL and that you are using every day.

Since I finished my studies at the EHL, I have been questioning my thoughts and actions many times. I am not satisfied with the first solution, but am constantly working on making my life more efficient.

I have also found that with an EHL degree you are stereotyped both positively and negatively. Fortunately, the positive ones predominate. Many people see the EHL as an elite university in the hospitality industry with strict rules, ambitious and very decent students. I sometimes hear from other people that the school is rather snobby, the students are withdrawn and some have "bought" their diploma. Especially since some of the rumors are exaggerated or simply wrong, it is very important to me to remove these rumors and to explain to interested people what wonderful and challenging education is offered at the EHL.

How do you see your career evolving?

I have got a job as a Co General Manager in Lenzerheide and this step is extremely important for me. You need a job that challenges you but also an employer that supports you in your development. A good basis of trust is essential. I think it is important that the area of responsibility and competence should be challenging but not overwhelming. In particular, I would like to mention the budget responsibility, here you should specifically answer the question for yourself, which amount of assets you might be responsible for at this point in your career.

After a few years working in that position I want to do further education to get specialized in preferred topics. Despite the excellent education at SSTH and EHL we are mainly generalists with strong capabilities when it comes to moments where people need to connect the dots. But to become an even more valuable employee I am highly convinced to acquire expert know-how later in your career.

What advice would you give to young people that are not sure about their career aspirations?

Generally speaking, I can give you the following tips. First, don't first ask yourself what you want to do later, but rather how you want to work later. The workplace, the size of the company, the team, the working atmosphere, do I want to sit in front of the computer all day or do I prefer to deal with people? Ask yourself these questions first and then you will see which professional categories are suitable.

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