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How to create a top Spa menu: From body wraps to management

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An overview of the importance of quality products, treatments and a varied menu offering in the spa industry. Based on the premise of luxury and well-being, it is vital to establish the right ambiance and high quality service delivery.

Quality management is an essential part of the beauty and health industry as it is based on the idea of luxury for the guests who choose to make use of this special, indulgent experience. It is not only the products but also the ambiance provided by the spa that makes the establishment a success. It is important to design a varied menu based on diversification and choice of facilities, treatments and products. Body wraps are a good example of a luxury procedure that comes with a variety of options and feel-good outcomes. 


What is a body wrap?

A body wrap is a spa treatment that assists in enhancing a healthy appearance of skin. Body wraps have different and unique functions that affect different types of skin, (oily, dry, sensitive, rough, etc.), most wraps have healing qualities that lead to a healthier looking skin. The benefits include getting rid of excess fluids, skin tightening/softening, detoxification, dead skin removal, inch reduction, relaxation, moisturization and cellulite reduction.

A mineral or oil-rich lotion formula is applied to the torso and limbs depending on the person’s skin type, and then the applied part of the body is completely wrapped in cotton, plastic film or a special bandage called Mylar. This moisturizes the skin by removing excess dirt or toxins. Some people prefer a body scrub before the treatment as it results in opening of the pores of the skin.


Different types of body wraps

Detox and mineral body wraps

Detox wraps are made out of mud, clay, algae, seaweed or gel-based wraps that help in removing the toxins from the skin. After the body mask is applied to the skin, the client is covered in plastic and kept in the ‘blanket’ for 20-25 minutes. These products assist the body in stimulating the circulation, drawing out impurities and giving the right minerals to the body that it might be missing. After the given time, the body mask is washed off and the beauty aesthetician will apply lotion, however, not through a massage.

Hydrating body wraps

Hydrating body wraps or masks are gel-based wraps help to calm, revive and rejuvenate tired skin by use of lotions, gels and creams. It is important to scrub the skin beforehand as the cream could sit on the dead skin cells of the person. Hydrating masks help in exfoliating and hydrating the skin type if it is dry or flaky. Aloe vera wraps are very popular to heal skin burns and irritation.

Slimming wraps

Slimming wraps are known to take inches off certain parts of the body by tightening and smoothing out cellulite. Commonly known as body cocoon or a body mask. Each limb is tightly wrapped in Ace bandages that have been soaked in a high-concentration mineral solution to detoxify and remineralize the body. The client is measured before and after so that one can tell how many inches have been lost. The effect is temporary, but it is a great treatment if one has an event coming up and wishes to look slimmer.

Infrared body wraps

With the advancement in technology and the rapidly increasing amount of research, beauty and skincare manufacturers are now introducing innovative and highly effective products into the market. Infrared is essentially the band of light perceived as heat. It cannot be viewed with the naked eye, but the human body can feel it from its heat. Infrared waves heat the body without heating the air in between through a process called conversion. Far Infrared Rays can penetrate organic substances, including the human body, 2-3 inches deep to create a uniform heating effect and stimulate the ‘chi’ energy flow.

The intensity of infrared energy produced by the body constantly varies. When this energy is high, we feel healthy and are better able to fight ailments. Lower levels of infrared make us more susceptible to diseases, premature aging, fatigue and a myriad of other problems. Exposing the body to infrared heat with infrared body wraps can make up for the decline in the intensity of ‘chi’ and restore the body’s function to its optimal level.

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Dos and don’ts of body wraps

  • Do not expect a body massage to be part of the body wrap process. One can get a massage separately prior to the application of the body mask.
  • If the customer suffers from claustrophobia, this treatment cannot be performed.
  • Once the wrap is applied, the customer is left alone in the room. If this affects the customer, he/she must inform the therapist beforehand.
  • It’s important to drink plenty of water as the treatments release some body fluids.

Importance of the Spa menu

Wellness and spa is a luxury service provided by hotels and resorts that have high standard quality in their products and manpower. It is important for a spa to create the right ambiance as this provides an overall impression of the establishment. One such famous spa hotel is Waldhaus Flims in Switzerland. Below are some points to take into consideration when designing a menu.

Examples from the Waldhaus Spa Menu:

  • Advertise and use natural local products. Waldhaus uses “Flimser water” which is rich in minerals and is also from the region.
  • Provide guests with different types of spa offerings according to the timing of the day. Waldhaus Flims uses different types of “day spas” in their menu.
  • During the treatment they offer use of other activities and facilities, e.g. indoor and outdoor pool or even the sauna.
  • Wellness also accounts for fitness and fitness-related activities. Waldhaus offers different types of yoga that help in toning the body, breathing techniques and muscular pain. Pilates and water yoga also act as an added value to the menu.
  • If the establishment has a water source, they must make use of it. A spa should be designed with the access to various types of pools, e.g. indoor/outdoor, bathing pond, sunbathing area with a pool bar.
  • Diversification of baths could also influence a client and its usage. In Waldhaus, there are aroma and steam baths that are infused with local fragrant flowers and the temperature is 42 degrees. Saunas are incorporated with Swarovski physio thermal cabins that have infrared beams. There are also specialised Finish and Earth saunas in this hotel. A Turkish bath or Hammam are also welcome accessories to the establishment.
  • The spa menu should comprise of package deals as well. A spa suite provides privacy and makes one feel comfortable in the environment. The spa suite in Waldhaus consists of amenities such as a multi-sensory shower, private sauna, jacuzzi pool, canopy bed, tea bar with small delicacies, a couples’ massage couch and a private butler to give a feeling of luxury.
  • Massages for wellbeing also can be introduced for all groups of age and gender. Waldhaus Flims, for example, has massages for pregnant women, people who do a lot of sports and also offers a kids’ massage between the age of 4-15 years. The types of massages include lavender massage, herbal stamp massage, hot stone massage, etc.
  • Body treatments and peeling are also an important aspect of wellbeing. Couples’ sessions are a great success at Waldhaus Flims.

Spa-quality management

A spa quality management system is a formal system that replaces reactivity in the business with stability. It is a process that allows the establishment to review their services, operations and products, with the aim of finding areas that need improvement and consistency. A spa quality management system refers to both the process and the quality products and services created within it.

A good spa quality management system will facilitate growth of the guest and team experience. It will clearly communicate standards of care to staff, which allows them to generate consistent experiences for the clients. The enhanced environment of the wellness facility and consistent quality of the service delivery, products and operational procedures will draw new guests and instil client loyalty, driving the spa business upward towards success. It will also attract high-level, dedicated spa professionals who need an organized environment in which to thrive.

A quality system facilitates a spa establishment on an upward trajectory which will:

  • facilitate effective training
  • create confident and calm staff
  • improve guest/client satisfaction
  • generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations
  • increase market share
  • prevent chaos in the facility and resulting staff burnout
  • lower costs and reduce wastage


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