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6 great ideas on how to cool off in Passugg

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In summertime, it can get really warm in Passugg. But that should not refrain you from having a cool day. There are a number of activities that you could do and places you could visit near our lovely campus.

1. Take a swim in a mountain lake

Want to relax in complete tranquility? Caumasee is known as the jewel of Flims. The beauty of this magnificent lake is the perfect reason to go out for a swim. It is surrounded by forest on three sides, and contains a wooded island in the center of the lake making it picturesque.

Go for a long dip in Caumasee

Lag la Cresta is another beautiful lake that resides in Graubünden, with a breathtaking mountain landscape. Lake Cresta offers the most suitable place to cool down on your biking or hiking tour. It is famous for its crystal clear water and is accessible by foot only.

2. Relish an ice-cold Gelato

Switzerland is not only famous for its cheese but offers a vast variety of ice creams too. What better way to cool down than relish a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor?   Evviva Plankis is located in the old town of Chur and it offers a great combination of ice cream flavors.

Relish the flavours at Evviva Pankis

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3. Go on a hike up in the cooler mountains

Do you enjoy hiking? In the mountains it is usually much cooler and more pleasant to spend a hot summer day.

Check out our beautiful Heidiland for an alpine experience which offers a great story and also explore all the places by foot.

Take a hike at Heidiland

4. Mingle in the outdoor pool among the locals

Obere Au sport center is located 15 minutes away from Passugg and you can go for a nice dip or a swim with your friends and enjoy the benefit of the student discount. You could go bathing in their open-air swimming pool, or enjoy the Nordic walking. They also offer fitness lessons, with a sauna and solarium available all year long which you could benefit from.

Cool off at Obere Au Sports Center

5. Some wellness to spoil your heated body

Who does not enjoy a relaxing time? Salzkeller, which is located in Chur, offers the pleasure of weightlessness and relaxing in your private ambience. It relieves your joints, tendons, sore bones and muscles with its “floating” techniques.

Heal your body with the floating technique

6. Do you know what "Kneipping" is?

The ancient Romans already used water treatments to heal various diseases. Sebastian Kneipp took up that concept and developed different treatments with the healing power of water. You can follow the footsteps of Sebastian Kneipp and experience various Kneipp treatments in the Graubünden mountains.

Refresh your soul with this modern technique of Kenipping

Go on a walk, along which various refreshing and relaxing Kneipp treatments will be pointed out, which stimulate the blood circulation and cool down your body. You bathe our elbows in the cold well water, lie in the meadow to only hear and smell or walk with bare feet over dancing cones. At the end you have to cross a brook, which is secured with a rope. A guaranteed tingling and refreshing experience!

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