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EHL Human Touch: A genuine behind the scene of EHL's global network

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We have been told since Day One at EHL, that the alumni network is the most dynamic professional network besides being the largest with more than 25'000 people around the world.

This was a theoretical notion while we were studying and we wanted to test and prove the power of the network just after our graduation (EHL Bachelor class of 2018).



How can we help each other?

How can our friends help us identify and introduce us to interesting personalities within the network for any kind of purposes, private or professional?

Will we be alone if we find ourselves in an unknown city or will we be able to connect to someone from EHL who knows someone who knows someone?

That is where the idea came from, our plan is to travel around the world and find an EHL graduate who is willing to host us and show us around, share experiences and insights about the country he or she lives in.

On October 15th 2018, the day EHLturned 125 years, we started our journey to meet special and amazing human beings, discover their stories and personalities and truly experience the potential of the AEHL network.

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We will travel to 9 different destinations around the world, sleep and eat at the alumni's place. 

Here is our itinerary:

  1. Slovenia
  2. Romania
  3. India
  4. Hong-Kong
  5. Colombia
  6. Mexico
  7. Spain
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Madagascar

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Authors: Loïck Batumba and Afrim Beqa, AEHL 2018

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