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Culinary Arts: Millefeuille Summer Tomato Recipe

Cédric Bourassin
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From stared restaurant tables to embassies, the new chef of the Berceau des SensCédric Bourassin, has acquired a unique expertise that he shares with students and clients in our Michelin Star gastronomic restaurant.

Today we share one of these recipes published on the Gault & Millau website:



  • 500g red pepper
  • 1kg of vine tomatoes
  • 500g cucumber
  • 50g sherry vinegar
  • 20g spring onions
  • 10g garlic
  • 10g of salt
Espuma Mozzarella

  • 200g of "Di Buffala" mozzarella
  • 100g mozzarella juice
  • 80g of liquid cream
  • 2g salt

Olive Oil Emulsion

  • 2 calf eggs
  • 250g olive oil
  • salt and pepper

  • 50g of fried bread
  • 50g hazelnuts cooked in hazelnut butter
  • 3g of fleur de sel
For compression

  • 3kg of very large tomatoes
  • 500g cucumber
  • 700g of avocado
  • 500g of jazz apple
  • Espelette chilli pepper

Finishing elements

  • 100g of "Beer" radish
  • 1 bunch of round radish
  • ½ shiso purple tray
  • ½ Goah Cress tray
  • 4 chives flowers
  • Rice vinegar

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  • Cut all the vegetables from the Gaspacho into large brunoise pieces and add all the rest of the ingredients.
  • Mix well and marinate for 12 hours.
  • Centrifuge and blender.


  • Cool the juice and cream with the salt.
  • Mix the mozzarella with the warm liquid.


  • Colour the hazelnuts in hazelnut butter and then drain them.
  • Mix finely then add the fried sandwich bread beforehand and the fleur de sel.


  • Remove the tomatoes and cut them flat to make wide strips.
  • Season them with salt, Sarawak white pepper and olive oil.
  • Keep in a cool place.
  • Put in thin brunoise: fennel, avocado and jazz apple and bind them with olive oil emulsion.
  • Season with salt, pepper and Espelette pepper.
  • Mount in strips.

Finishing elements 

  • Cut the round radishes into quarters, the onion stems into pieces and the "beer" radish into Angel's hair.
  • Season with seed oil and rice vinegar.


  • As in the picture above, the gazpacho must be fresh and served separately.

Picture & content: Gault & Millau

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Lecturer in Practical Arts & Head Chef in the Berceau Des Sens (BDS) - EHL Lausanne

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