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5 ways you can reduce your carbon footprint at EHL

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EHL is known for its many different food outlets, going hand in hand with the many foodies that walk around the campus. Unfortunately, this also means a higher carbon footprint. To help the environment without restricting yourself in terms of food, we have gathered a list of small tasks you can implement in your daily life.

Ditch take-away

Yes, we all feel “cool” when holding a take-away cup of coffee. However, disposal coffee cups are one of the biggest environmental issues of today’s world. Get into the habit of asking your drink “for here” when ordering it, it will make a huge difference plus, coffee (and tea) snobs can confirm that it tastes much better when it is served into a ceramic cup.

Forget about straws

Straws are usually something kids use in order to learn how to drink properly; sure, they are colourful and who doesn’t want to brighten up their day? But there are many other ways to do that! It is true that some drinks (especially sodas) may be nicer to drink through a straw so, if you really don’t see yourself giving up on straws, invest in some glass, metal or bamboo ones! You can find them in most “health” or “home deco” stores and come with a convenient sleeve so you can bring them everywhere you go! Just be careful not to throw them away when you’re done with your drink!

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Do not buy if you are not going to eat it

We all have eyes bigger than our bellies, especially when surrounded by a wide variety of yummy food! However, it is better to be safe than sorry. It is true that most of the time you can see combo menus cost less than if you take single items. Still, do you really wish to buy something, not eating it and end up throwing it away? We are all guilty of this and we all feel bad when it happens. Especially at EHL where food choice is never-ending, you may want to rethink this scheme and buy less, but more regularly. This way not only will you avoid food waste, but you will also avoid that afternoon sugar crash from the dessert you had at lunch!

Do not forget your water bottle/thermos

It happens to the best of us, we make our tea/coffee in the morning, we fill our water bottle and then end up forgetting it on the kitchen counter when leaving the house. Try to find a routine that avoids this kind of incidents. You are probably thinking “So what, I’ll just buy a cup of coffee at the bar” (if you do, at least remember to ask for a reusable cup), or “It doesn’t matter, I’ll buy a water bottle at EHL”. Of course, these are all options, however in addition to the feeling of frustration seeing your day is not going well since the very beginning, you are also contributing to ocean pollution. So tomorrow morning just think of the beautiful beaches in Bali and what a shame it would be to see even more plastic there!

Walk to or take public transport to EHL

The car is the most preferred means of transportation for a lot of people; you have your own space, you are sitting down and can even listened to your own music without headphones! However, cars are not only polluting but also a major cause of traffic in the cities (which is probably also something that may upset you when you are just stuck in it). If you can, try to use public transportation or even walk to EHL (during busy times of the semester it also is a good way to get some exercise in!). However, if you really must take your car, do your part for the environment and pick up some friends that would also have to take the car.

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