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Alumni Story: Aida Matuleviciute

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Gastronomic businesswoman from Lithuania

At the moment I own or have shares in three restaurants, do restaurant consulting, created and released healthy food products.

Furthermore I am very involved in the area of social responsibility, while I'm sharing my Gastronomy knowledge and experiences and the inner need for better food in public sector. 

With the Health of ministry (MOH), which prepared a new food in school legislation, I am the person/chef, who helped them to deliver the knowledge, understanding what this Healthy food is and how to make it. We try to answer as many rising questions and solve issues as possible i.e. produce prices and availability, foods that kids highly dislike what do we change them, what to do in case of bad produce supplied by suppliers,  how to make simple recipes healthier and plant-based options to not take too much time to prepare for.

Also, I was one of the two main creators of around 120 Recipes (proper technological cards with all the details, Brutto/Netto, kcal and allergens) for any public school, hospital and even person to use for free it's published in MOH site.

As for other things, I have published a recipe book in Lithuanian Dec 2017 "simple plant-based recipes". The recipes are local, simple, cheap, healthy and tasty (not for veganism but more for sustainability and taste balance). Next is being worked on is adapted healthier options of ethnic recipes around the world, Swiss recipes inclusive.

There are more companies and businesses I do like sprouted buckwheat granola prepared entirely by hand, with date paste instead of sugar, and mostly organic dried fruits and nuts brand called "Sveikiss" creation and selling of its products. 

So now I give talks, seminars, some pro bono for those who can't afford, also teach and A-Z consulting hospitality businesses not running well or having difficulties.

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My idea of a perfect happiness includes self-actualization, to be loved and to have financial freedom.

That‘s why I call my life motto, to be always real, to not lie and that responsibility is my must. The last topic is one of the most important things to be successfull in my job. It needs additionally a high interest in what you do and of course hard work. I‘m proud to say that the best compliment someone ever gave me was, that I‘m an expert in my field and that they trust whatever I say.

My time at SSTH

When I‘m thinking back to SSTH in Passugg, I have to say, that was one of the best things in my life, seriously. I still remember my colleagues Henny de Jager, Jevgenyj Strokocov and Tina Yu and of course our lecturer Mr. CV. For me, a true friendship characterises longevity, acceptability and trust.

Do what you love

My advice for all the current SSTH Students is, to follow their heart in career and do what they love. They should enjoy meeting new people and practice practice practice.

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